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Robert (Ry) Maher

Our Gym/Arena boat shaped speaker cluster!

Masterpiece Mastering School Certificate

    Robert (Ry) Maher began learning the guitar at the age of eleven (1964), started a band and learned how to solder & repair microphone cords , guitar amps & sound systems out of necessity. Much to his mother’s dismay, he would bring home electronic junk to play with such as old army incomplete radar dish units. He became involved with electronics in the signal corp branch of the Army by age twenty and served three years. While in the Army, he put together a Christian Rock Band that reunited after the service in 1976. For a brief time he was involved as a studio musician who recorded with a group called  the “West Sisters” who ended up on a well known Christian “bird name” record label! In 1977, he attended college and worked at "Southwestern Music" a multiple sound & music store out of Altus, Oklahoma and "The Sound Room" in Amarillo Texas working with large sound re-enforcement design & install while earning a music of arts degree. Some of his additional significant duties while at the sound company were to assemble equipment racks, cabinets, adjust guitar necks, bridges for proper intonation, diagnose & perform many mechanical and electronic music equipment repairs. When some local talent, who was well known performing in Opryland around 78/79, came home, they would request that Robert "Ry" work on or adjust their guitars to take back to their shows and that he set up and run a sound system at any of their local benefit shows. During 1980, he worked at Muzak®, a franchised sound company out of Oklahoma City. While there, he aided in some large sound system installs and or maintenance such as the Old First National Bank, Kerr-McGee® Tower Building and the Old Original Myriad Convention Center. In late 1980, he began designing and building electronic devices and speaker systems in a small one car garage in Tecumseh, Oklahoma known as Ma-her' Sound Tel Electronics. Since then, many of his equipment designs have ended up in Schools at University to Elementary level as well as Churches all over Oklahoma.
   In 2004, Ry added in SignalBoosting Production as well as SignalBoosting Recording Studio providing restoration / remastering of old material as well as tracking, mixing & mastering new material. He was trained at Billy Stull's Legendary Audio Masterpiece Mastering School near South Padre Island, Texas.

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