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Something that   To stir up enthusiasm
incites action!      for;Promote vigorously!
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Ry Maher Mastering and Restoration:

Signal Boosting Mastering and Restoration Studios is nestled in a peaceful, relaxed rural country setting near Tecumseh, Oklahoma, approximately thirty minutes east of the Oklahoma University campus of Norman, Oklahoma. Since 2004, they have been recording, tracking, mixing and mastering fresh audio as well as handling *A-to-D transformation projects requiring restoration and or remastering.

The founder and owner Robert (Ry) Maher, is a Songwriter / Musician / Acoustical, Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Custom Electronics Manufacturing Engineer. He received his certified mastering engineer training during the Fall of 2011. He accomplished it by attending Billy Stull's "Legendary Audio" Masterpiece Mastering School that is near South Padre Island, Texas U.S,A.

* Analog to Digital Conversion.              "Hear Some Mastered Audio Comparison Samples"    

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