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SignalBoosting Production and Recording Studios

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Voice, Video, Access, Wi-Fi and Networking Solutions:

40+ years experience when it comes to installing wireless and hardwired communication

Ma-her' Sound Tel Electronic Services /

Our experience with telephones goes all the way back to 1A2 technology,
before the age of analog electronic phone systems. We are now, actively
promoting Vertical™ converged network-able small and medium sized
business telephone systems for which we are certified. The Small Vertical 
Summit VoIP as well as the Summit 800 VoIP are only a part of our line up. 
We also offer long range wireless network and wireless telephone solutions through Engenius™ Technologies excellent line of products. When designing and installing a server room setup, we have built our reputation upon putting together very organized serviceable networks.

    5 to 140 User Summit Mobile Solution Phone System        50 to 800 User Summit 800 Mobile Solution Phone System                          
Small Vertical Summit       New Summit 800       Engenius Durafon 1X     Engenius Pro PIA


Small SBX IP320                                                            Wi Fi Products

"Our customers just love that in-touch with their property feeling!"       
   (We can design your system to put your smart-phone on-line)*

Our experience with video dates all the way back to tube camera technology,
before the age of analog electronic chip cameras. We are actively promoting
FLIR™ 700 & 800 Series network-able IP embedded video and 3XLogic entry / exit systems for which we are Oklahoma Licensed. The 700 & 800 Series line up of feature-rich NVRs and Cameras provide affordable video surveillance solutions to meet a wide range of everyday security applications. People looking for much greater detail and clarity within their captured video will be surprised by the amazing quality of our Flir™ IP network based POE (Power Over Ethernet) mega-pixel type camera systems with or without a controlling NVR (Network Video Recorder). We often couple it with 2,000 foot range wireless Optex sensors for real-time cell phone notification which have very few false alarm triggers for dialing to your phone even under harsh conditions.  We can also, customize an Entry /Exit control system offering the convenience of utilizing your telephone system for entry notification with relay control. 

    FLIR CLOUD FAQ  (For 700 or 800 Series NVR Brochure Choose and Click Image Below)
                             FLIR DNR700 Series 4K NVR*          
FLIR DNR800 Series 4K NVR*

   *Free FLIR CLOUD Mobile Apps available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™

We've got you fully covered when it comes to all your Access Control needs!

3X LOGIC Infinias Intelli-M Essentials Access Control>

Infinias eIDC POE Door Controller                       HID ICLASS SE Smart Card Readers 

              Electric Door Strikes                                                    
Electro Door Magnets



         POE Powered Latch Retraction/Dogging                          Power-Transfer-Devices

          REX-Request To Exit Buttons                                         PIR-Passive Infrared Exit

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