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Sound Communication Solutions:

40+ years experience when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing sound.

Ma-her' Sound Tel Electronic Services /

Our experience with sound goes all the way back to setting up bands in the 60s.
Sound is where our passion for electronics was birthed. We have designed & built
our own digital intercom system bell tone / drills clock that saves Public School's
a lot of money. We are now, actively promoting Bogen® because of it's friendly
tactile functions, making it easy to manually choose any combination of stations. When it comes to board rooms, plant paging, background music, large sound re-enforcement, recording, mixing and mastering control room environments like L.E.D.E. (Live End Dead End), you can be assured, because of our vast experience that you'll receive a very professional guaranteed finished product. We're also, no stranger to the tech bench as we service what we sell, custom design and build our own speaker systems as well as custom design and build small low voltage circuits resulting in greater functionality.


            Combined 1690 watt tower of power                 Boat-shaped arena speaker             650 watt portable power package

          1690 watt tower             Gym / Arena speaker           650 watt portable


                                   Church ceiling install               Finished church install
Even-dispersion speaker       Church ceiling install            Finished church install



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