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Frame 4 :

What is this "SUR" Spaceship Undulant Resonator?

"S U R" Frequency control spaceship
The NEW "Spaceship Undulant Resonator"

   Doe~, Re~, Me~, Yes~,SUR~ Re~, The New Coming "SUR" Vintage Recording Studio setup being built is generating a lot of  scientific "Sci-Fi" excitement. It's quite possibly one of a kind, with sound-wave trap helmholtz cavity walls around the control room and a special Live Room with a great natural reverb tail designed into it! We've designed the framing jigs for our SUR "Over, Above, Up" studio control room in the form of what we call our "Frequency Space Control Command Center". The idea for the walls, often used in speaker enclosure design, came from the study of the Helmholtz equation! (Look it up here for definition): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

and, or, here):
"Live Helmholtz Resonator Demonstrations"

Counterpoint Guitar and Keyboard Duet!
From "The King and His Bride Ballad" Psalm 45
Ry Maher (Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved)

   We're looking forward to beaming aboard many a sparkling, environmentally snappy recording for an "elevated soundscape tracking encounter". The outer wall angles match the window slants. The Control Room walls will be working like an internal cloaking device with near equal troublesome alien frequency absorption qualities, handling standing wave frequencies that are enemies to being able to produce a great mix! The windows already installed facing the LIVE ROOM RECORDING AREA are triple glazed 1 and 7/8 inch thick weighing as much as 200 lbs each. There is a vocal / di (direct input) small instrument recording booth room window as seen right in the 1st pic housed within the control room as well. The gray 2x6 meeting point on the pic 2 left long 7 foot wide hall wall waiting area will be what supports the pulse drive made from a long gray tube that will flash Red and Blue on it's ends during recording! The slants will get foil faced OSB on them facing out that will get caulk sealed on the inside facing the control room and then the inside straight vertical walls will get rock wool all around for the early reflection taming with the exception of a greater thickness of rock wool in the corners for trapping the bass. The interior walls will then get grill clothed helping the standing sound waves to get caught and dissipate within the wall Helmholtz cavities. The instruments for different Live Room setups can be stored beneath the control room the 2nd pic (Grand piano, Hammond organ, Drums, Guitars, etc.). The pictures to follow will change as we progress in the future plus a possible high speed time lapse video of the completed project from start to finish may get posted on Ry Maher's Youtube Channel and the SignalBoosting home page

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