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SignalBoosting Production and Recording Studios

Frame 5 :

Audio Mastering:

Get a Neve Masterpiece Analog Mastering System Sound!*

SignalBoosting's Audio Mastering and Restoration Facility

Pro Tools, soundBlade and rare Neve Analog Masterpiece!

< Before ~ mix sample

< After ~ mastered sample

< Hear 2m:26s demo medley of music
mastered with the rare "Neve Masterpiece!"

Signal Boosting Mastering & Restoration:

AKA Ry Maher Mastering and Restoration, a Studio nestled in a peaceful, relaxed rural country setting near Tecumseh, Oklahoma, approximately thirty minutes east of the Oklahoma University campus of Norman, Oklahoma. Since 2004, they have been recording, tracking, mixing and mastering fresh audio as well as handling #A-D transformation projects needing restoration and or remastering.

The founder and owner Robert (Ry) Maher, is a Songwriter / Musician / Acoustical, Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Custom Electronics Manufacturing Engineer. His 40+ years of professional experience in the field of audio includes having acquired additional skills from a renowned friend of Rupert Neve whom Rupert described as having "golden ears". That friend of Rupert is Billy Stull, the musician and engineer with the famed Legendary Audio Masterpiece Mastering School located near South Padre Island, at the bottom tip of South East Texas. Billy was also, a long-time associate of Buddy Holly's producer, Norman Petty, where he worked on many popular artist's projects over the years.

If you're looking for your tracks to have a classic warm transparent analog sound, then, we could be the right fit for you.* "Signal Boosting will help you to express more fully, in greater detail, your well balanced -3db level & below stereo mix!"

* "Masterpiece" mastered audio samples

# Analog to Digital transformation samples

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