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Customer Endorsements!

01/29/2014 Subject: Robert (Ry) Maher
To: Whom it may concern
Rob's name and phone number was given to me by my Son-in-law who was Superintendent of a School in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Rob had done a lot of work on the school's computer networking system plus other sound and electrical systems in the school. I had a project to complete which involved changing recordings from analog to digital, so I contacted Rob.

The project was to take three 40 year old reel to reel tapes of records my family recorded in the early 1970s and convert them to digital sound suitable to make audio CDs. The tapes had to be re-mastered for sound quality and then burned on a CD which could be used for mass producing CDs of each record. Rob went to work converting the tapes one song at a time. After each song was re-mastered, he would send me a copy by email which I would load into I-Tune for play back. He did this for all thirty-one songs. He finished the conversion in about three weeks which was a lot quicker than I thought it could be done.

After I approved each song, he prepared a package for me to take to (Duplium) a recording (CD replication press) company in Dallas, Texas, to have a thousand copies made of each one. The copies came back with a super quality sound.. The sound engineer there said the CDs would be no better than the quality of the master. Quality came out great on each CD.

Rob did a great job without delay. I wholeheartedly recommend him for electronics work regardless of the complexity.

Sincerely, Bobby Burnett - "The Burnett Family"

12/28/12 16:19:00
To: Ma-her' Sound Tel / SignalBoosting.com
Rainmaker Sales has been using Ma-her' Sound Tel / SignalBoosting for a number of years. With our business expanding we needed to upgrade our telephone system. With that being said, Ma-her' Sound Tel / SignalBoosting was the obvious choice for us. The upgrade was seamless and painless. If we had questions they were there with an answer and if they did not know the answer a call was placed to the phone manufacturer. When the need arises, we know we will be able to rely on Ma-her' Sound Tel Electronic Services / SignalBoosting.com.

Sincerely, Carla

05/10/05 15:28:58
To: Ma-her' Sound Tel / Signalboosting.com Subject: Testimony
In March of 2005 Rainmaker Sales of Shawnee, OK used the services of Signalboosting.com once again to update our phone system with the new Starplus STS System. The system practically pays for itself, not only did SB.C install over 100 names into our directory dial on board phone book, they are going to save us money by working on the system from a remote at their office. No more service calls! We have bought systems previously from them and because of that we have the utmost confidence in the folks at Signalboosting.com and I would recommend the phone system that we bought to anyone.

Sincerely, Josh G.

Testimonial from Mickey J. Maynard, Grove School Principal
Shawnee, OK
SignalBoosting.Com Electronics has faithfully serviced all the electronic equipment in our school for a number of years. We have been pleased with our purchases of phone systems, intercoms, and are ecstatic about the level of safety afforded our school by the installation of our new digital camera system from SignalBoosting.Com. I have recommended the professionals at SignalBoosting.Com Electronics to many schools and businesses in our area. When dealing with peoples most valuable possessions, their children, we insist on integrity, trust, and a high level of service. We have always been satisfied when dealing with SignalBoosting.Com.

Mickey J. Maynard

My name is Matt Webber, Broker/Owner of Blue Ribbon Realty, Inc and signalboosting.com has serviced our needs from phones to audio for the past 15 years.
Prompt and friendly service is guaranteed.

Matt Webber

There is a technician in Pittsburgh who is using an AT&T SIM chip in an Audiovox RTM-8000 card. Is there a booster available for this config?

YORK Connect Support

> -----Original Message-----
> From:@york.com
> Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 11:50 AM
> To: techsupport@signalboosting.com
> Subject: Trial Booster for D.

Thanks for the information Mr.SB.C.  I did find some information on the RTM-8000 and you were right! - this card is actually a tri-band.
"Tri-band compatibility ensures world wide coverage utilizing the EGSM 9000,DCS 1800,
PCS 1900 frequencies Access data quickly e.g. WAP while on the move with GSM and GPRS technologies integrated".
I appreciate your help as I'm trying to
get up to speed with this technology.

Have a great day!

-----Original Message-----
From: SignalBoosting [mailto:techsupport@signalboosting.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 2:03 PM
Subject: Trial Booster for D.

C., Attached is the Audiovox RTM 8000D Adapter Install Info.
Thanks Again, Mr. SB.C.

I have an order count for you -
Audiovox RTM8000D Aircard - 15 each
Sierra 750 Aircard - 1 each
Total Booster Count is 16

Ship To:
York International Corp
Little Rock, AR.

Please confirm that you have received this order via phone call back to my cell.

York Regional Business Analyst, SW

G., Thank you for your Call concerning SignalBoosting Kits. Here is some connection Info. to aid with the Antenna Adapter Install for the Audiovox RTM8000D Aircards.


Mr. SB.C

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